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GPon OLT 16 Ports 4*10GE/GE SFP +8*GE RJ45 uplink port

Model: GT1628 Categories , , Tag
  • 10G GPon OLT
  • 16*GPON port
  • 4*1000M Base-XSFP/4*10GE SFP+
  • 4GE RJ45 uplink port
  • Dual power with optional
  • 20KM transmission distance, 60KM transmission logical distance
  • 1:128Max splitting ratio
  • Dimensions:440mm*44mm*320mm
  • Weight: ≤6.5kg

Document Download: GT0412 & GT0816 & GT1628 GPON OLT Datasheet.pdf


GPon OLT 16 Ports 4*10GE/GE SFP +8*GE RJ45 uplink port

Porduct overview

GPon OLT 16 Ports GT1628 is highly integrated, medium-capacity GPON OLT for operators, ISPs, enterprises and park applications.The product follows the ITU-T G.984/G.988 technical standard,The product has good openness, strong compatibility, high reliability, and complete software functions. It can be widely used in operators’ FTTH access, VPN, government and enterprise park access, campus network access, ETC。

GT1628 is only 1U in height, easy to install and maintain, and save space. Supports mixed networking of different types of ONUs, which can save a lot of costs for operators。

16 ports gpon olt

GPon OLT 16 Ports GT1628 Features

  • Comply with ITU-TG.984/G.988 standard
  • 20KM Physical differential distance,60KM transmission logical distance
  • 1:128 Max splitting ratio
  • Standard OMCI management function
  • Open to any brand of ONT
  • ONU batch software upgrade
  • Support 4K VLAN
  • Support Vlan based on port, MAC and protocol
  • Support dual Tag VLAN, and port-based static QinQ and fiexible QinQ
  • 64K Mac address
  • Support static MAC address setting
  • Support black hole MAC address filtering
  • Support port MAC address limit
  • Support STP/RSTP/MSTP
  • Support ERPS Ethernet ring network protection protocol
  • Support Loopback-detection port loopback detection
  • Support flow rate limiting function based on custom business flow
  • Supports mirroring and redirection functions based on custom business flows
  • Support priority marking based on custom service flow, support 802.1P, DSCP priority
  • Remark capability Support port-based priority scheduling function
  • support queue scheduling algorithms such as SP/WRR/SP+WRR
  • CLI、Telnet、WEB、SNMP V1/V2/V3、SSH2.0
  • Support FTP,TFTP file upload and downdload
  • Support RMON
  • Support SNTP
  • Support system work log
  • Support LLDP neighbor device discovery protocol
  • Support 802.3ah Ethernet OAM
  • Support RFC 3164 Syslog
  • Support Ping and Traceroute
  • Support two-way bandwidth control
  • Support port storm suppression
  • Support 9K Jumbo ultra-long frame forwarding
  • Support static link aggregation
  • Support dynamic LACP
  • Each aggregation group supports a maximum of 8 ports
  • Support port mirroring
  • Support stream mirroring
  • Support standard and extended ACL
  • Support ACL policy based on time period
  • Provides flow classification and flow definition based on IP header information.
  • Support user hierarchical management and password protection
  • Support IEEE 802.1X authentication
  • Support Radius&TACACS+ authentication
  • Support MAC address learning limit, support black hole MAC function
  • Support port isolation
  • Support broadcast message rate suppression
  • Support IP Source Guard Support ARP flood suppression and ARP spoofing protection
  • Support DOS attack and virus attack protection
  • Support ARP learning and aging
  • Support static route
  • Support dynamic route RIP/OSPF/BGP/ISIS
  • Support VRRP


Exchange capacity


Packet forwarding rate


Memory and storage

Memory:2GB, storage:8GB

Management port

Console, Type C





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