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Fiber Modem ONU ONT Manufacturer in China

GPON EPon XGPON 10GPON XGSPON Fiber Optic Modem ONT ONU factory manufacturer | Super cost-effective | Strong delivery capabilities | Fast low MOQ customization | Extra Long Warranty

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Our Advantages

13 Years FTTX Experience

More than 10 years of experience in FTTX solutions, and fiber optic modem onu ont R&D, production and sales in one company, Hosecom is a real factory manufacturer.

Strong delivery capabilities

Annual production of Fiber Modem ONU ONT OLT, Wifi router, and other networking Products can reach 20 million units.

Super cost-effective

Strong supply chain integration strength, and production costs are generally lower than the industry by more than 10%.

Fast low MOQ customization

Emphasis on logo, packaging, hardware, software customization, and low MOQ requirements for small to medium sized customers.

Fiber Modem ONU ONT GPon EPon Wifi 6 Router 4GE VoIP USB Ports

  • GPON WAN port with 1.244Gbps uplink / 2.488Gbps downlink link,EPON&GPON mode adaptive
  • 4x 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet RJ45 Ports
  • 1x POTS
  • 1x USB
  • 802.11n/ax speed up to 574Mbps
  • 802.11ac/ax speed up to 2400Mbps
  • Easymesh
  • GPon EPon Fiber Optical Modem ONU 1 GE FTTH Mini XPon ONT

    • GPON WAN port with 1.244Gbps uplink / 2.488Gbps downlink link,EPON&GPON mode adaptive
    • 1x 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet RJ45 Port

    About Hosecom

    Hosecom is a CATV, Fiber Modem ONU ONT GPon EPon XGS-Pon solution provider and network equipment manufacturer, with more than 10 years experience, we design, manufacture and sell our products. Our main products include: ONU ONT, OLT, Wifi Router, Network Switch, Media Converter. We provide OEM/ODM/JDM/SKD/CKD services.

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    Annual production

    Annual production of ONU ONT, OLT, Wifi router, Network switch and other network equipment can reach 5 million units.

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    R&D Team

    With A R&D team of over 30 engineers can develop and deliver quickly and rapid technical response.


    Workshop area

    The production workshop covers an area of 2700 square meters, new and old customers are welcome to visit our factory.

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    Number of clients

    In total, we have served more than 1,000 clients in China and overseas, Hosecom have a wealth of customer service experience.

    Client Visits

    This is a group photo of some visiting customers. We receive customers from all over the world, from South America, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa and other countries and regions. welcome!

    Client Reviews

    "El vendedor muy atento, realizo el seguimiento hasta que llegue a mi destino. Los equipos cumplen con sus características, pasare a probar en mi OLT."
    Clients from Peru
    "I received the product in perfect condition, and its quality was consistently high. The seller was exceptionally accommodating and responsive to my requests. The checkout process was quick and efficient. Overall, a positive experience, and I appreciate the seller's excellent service."
    Clients from Kazakhstan
    "bien reçu et fonctionne parfaitement seulement que le routeur n'a pas un rayon large.A part cela la connexion est fluide. fournisseur fiable."
    Clients from Burkina Faso


    Yes we are real factory, we produce Fiber Modem ONU ONT as well as general Ethernet network products mainly, we have two factories in Anhui Province and Hunan Province, China, welcome customers from all over the world to visit our factory.

    FTTX devices include Gpon/Epon XGS-Pon Fiber Optic Modem ONT ONU, OLT, CPE LTE Wi-Fi wireless routers, home and industrial network switches, POE switch and other network communication related products, contact us for more information.

    MOQ’s vary from product to product and we set very low minimum purchase quantities. If you need more product and pricing information, please submit your message on this page and we will contact you shortly.

    Yes. We even offer free samples of some of our products. Available products: Samples are available within 7 days. Please check our website “www.hosecom.com” for more detailed information on the products, tell us which ones you need, and we’ll decide if we can offer free samples.

    Yes. We offer very flexible customization solutions, sample customization, small batch customization, large batch customization, software customization, hardware customization, logo customization, packaging customization, etc. Please let me know the specific customization requirements, and we will try our best to do it for you.

    Yes, we can print your logo on products and packaging, there may be MOQ requirements for some products, please submit your inquiry on this page for specific information.

    Yes, when you encounter technical difficulties about our fiber modem ONU ONT products or other technical difficulties, please contact us in time, we have more than 30 engineers, we will arrange our technicians to help you solve the problems by remote assistance.In fact, our most important customers are even entitled to an annual technical visit.

    Different products may have different warranty time, ONU, OLT we provide a minimum of 3 years warranty time, some other products provide a minimum of 1 year or more warranty time, please contact us for more information.

    Fiber Optic Modem ONT ONU OLT Factory

    Apply to be our regional agent, you can monopolize the sales of our products in your local area, get more competitive price, get more technical support and after-sales service. Ready to Make a Difference? Reach Out to Us Now!

    Address: Building A 1609, Zhiyun Industrial Park, No.13 Huaxing Road, Henglang Community, Dalang Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China.
    Email: marketing@hosecom.com

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